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Former Barclays Managing Director Morifumi Yotsumoto Joins Alpaca as Head of Japan to Accelerate Japanese Business

November 1st, 2016 11:11

California, Nov 1, 2016 — Alpaca, a financial trading technology startup, adds former Barclays Managing Director Morifumi “Yotsu” Yotsumoto as its Head of Japan and Chief Financial Officer. The San Mateo-based, AI-Fintech startup also introduces the new website and company logo that focuses on its flagship products, AlpacaScan and AlpacaAlgo.


Since its inception, Alpaca’s team of top level technologists has focused on developing AI and Big Data technology around the capital market data. Having Yotsu join Alpaca’s leadership team with his twenty-plus years of financial industry experience accelerates Alpaca’s Japanese business in addition to its strong base in United States where the startup is headquartered. He also contributes strong leadership in the company’s financial activity as the Chief Financial Officer.

“I truly fell in love with the Alpaca members’ vision,” Yotsu says, “I wasn’t expecting at all that I would be a member of this team, but I’m so happy to take this great opportunity and so ambitious about the future. I will be mainly working within Japan and I would love to help the new technology fuse with the traditional financial institutions and investors who have been supporting Japan’s robust financial system for so long, and I am delighted to contribute to Japan’s growth as a result.”

Alpaca has also updated its website, with the new design and logo, now focused on its unique product offerings, AlpacaScan and AlpacaAlgo.


About Morifumi “Yotsu” Yotsumoto

Yotsu started his career at Nissho Iwai in 1993, one of Japan’s top trading companies, where he traded various financial products such as FX, Treasury, Rate Derivatives, Hedge Fund investments, and PE investments.

After his move to Lehman Brothers in 1999, Yotsu started the Securitization business and structured ABS, RMBS, and CMBS at Lehman Japan. Under his leadership, Lehman became one of the most successful securitization firms in Japan.

Then in 2005, Yotsu moved to Barclays where he started and led multiple business initiatives. He took various senior roles where he ran Structured Product Sales, Real Estate Capital Markets, and DCM covering financial institutions, large cap corporations, and munis.

Most recently, Yotsu was a Managing Director at Barclays as Head of DCM and Structured Products in Japan. Yotsu is a Waseda University alum with a degree in Advanced Chemical Engineering.