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AlpacaAlgo is a trading platform that makes quantitative analysis and algorithmic trading possible for everyone. You can easily build, test, and trade with your own trading algorithms without programming. Our proprietary deep-learning engine learns from your winning trade setups efficiently and accurately. AlpacaAlgo provides a game changing trading experience to all the traders.


AlpacaScan is a real-time market scanner for the US stocks with candlestick patterns. AlpacaScan aims to become a everyday go-for-tool for traders to identify candlestick patterns indicating a potential trend shift, but without the limitations of traditional binary filtering. Combine AlpacaScan with your other metrics by simply copying & pasting the scanned results to other services.

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Artificial Intelligence. Deep Learning. Machine Learning. Computer Vision.


User Experience Design. New Power Values. Design Thinking. Co-creation.


Finance. Database. Big Data. Gaming. Consumer Apps.

Developing deep learning software
to optimize workflows and to scale human expertise.

We are a young startup from Kobe, Japan and Silicon Valley, CA that is democratizing A.I. technology to the world.

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