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The purpose of this website is to provide information on the software AlpacaJapan Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) offers or the services the Company operates, in addition to information on the Company.

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The collected access information is managed in accordance with privacy policy of Google LLC. Third parties including Google LLC who conducts a variety of distribution businesses may use your access information to our website when placing advertisements of the Company on various websites on the internet.

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[Google’s Privacy Policy]
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Copyrights and other rights on all content published on this website (the “content information”) belong to the Company and the original information provider in principle. The content information is protected by copyright law in Japan and international treaties. The content information may not be copied or reproduced, etc. without permission. It is prohibited to use (including copy, modify, upload, post, transmit, distribute, license, sell or publish) the content information without the Company’s prior permission beyond private use or the scope explicitly accepted by laws.

Links to This Website

It is free to link to each content published on this website in principle. However, please note that the content of the article and its URL may be modified or deleted without prior notice.

Please link to each content published on this website by one of the following methods:

  • The screen displayed is completely switched to this website.
  • This website is displayed in a new browser window.

If the Company considers that there is a possibility of impairing the reliability of the information published by the Company, the Company may decline the linking. Please also note that the Company may cancel the permission when the Company considers that allowing the linking is inappropriate based on circumstances discovered or changed after the Company once allows the linking.

【Cases where it is considered that allowing the linking is inappropriate】

  • When it contains content which intends to or has a possibility to damage or undermine the honor or reputation of the Company or others (other companies / other organizations) such as defamation.
  • When it infringes or may infringes on the property rights (including intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademark rights), privacy, portrait rights or other rights of the Company or others (other companies / other organizations).
  • When there is a possibility to make a third party misunderstand that the content is not provided by the Company (e.g. this website is displayed in a frame, the Company’s logo or registered trademark, etc. are used without permission) by the method where it is unclear or ambiguous that what is displayed is the Company’s content.
  • When it violates or can violate laws and regulations or public order and morality.
  • When it hinders or can hinder the operation of this website or the Company’s business.

Links to Other Websites

This website contains links or banners to transfer to websites operated by third parties. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the content of information published in such websites.

In addition, please note that the website the link destination is not operated by the Company and the URL may be changed or moved without notice. The Company is not liable for any damage arising from the use of the websites of the link destinations operated by third parties.

Applicable Laws

The laws of Japan govern the use of this website. Tokyo District Court and Tokyo Summary Court which have jurisdiction over the location of the Company’s head office shall be the competent court in regards to the settlement of disputes concerning the items published on this website.


  • This website is for the purpose of providing information on the services or the software of the Company and any content on this website does not constitute solicitation, investment advisory or other advisory on financial instrument transactions.
  • The content of this website is prepared based on the information that the Company believes to be reliable and the Company pays due attention to the content. However, the Company provides no guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, usefulness, commerciality or any other matters.
  • The Company is not liable for any errors in the information published on this website, alternation of data by third parties, failures caused by data download, except for willful misconduct or gross negligence of the Company.
  • Information on this website may be modified without notice. In addition, the Company may suspend or stop the operation of this website.
  • The Company is not liable for any damages arising from changes or deletions of the content of the website or unavailability of this website.


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