Alpaca is a technology company developing financial system platforms powered by the collaboration of AI and people.

With the support of AI, people can fully explore the
ideas and creativity within the world of investment, and maximize the “alpha” (or unrealized potential) that lays hidden inside both AI and people. It is through this that we strive to build a society where “people can live truest to their form.”

We recognize that our business will have an impact on the way the current global financial system operates, and that is a new challenge that will bring forth exciting changes.

To face this challenge, a firm partnership with our various involved stakeholders will be necessary. We will commit to tackling the various problems of the current financial system, while maintaining a close relationship with those connected to us and the community that supports our work.

Company Information

  • Company Name

    AlpacaJapan Co., Ltd.

  • Establishment

    November 2016 (Changed the company name)

  • Co-founder & CEO

    Morifumi Yotsumoto (Yotsu)

  • Co-founder& CTO

    Yuki Hayashi (Yuki)

  • Co-founder& COO

    Kazuhiko Osone (Kaz)

  • Address

    1-12-5-2F Uchikanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

  • Capital

    2,003,193,605 yen ($ 18mil equivalent), including capital reserves (As of June 2020)

  • Number of Employees

    48 (As of June 2020)

  • Business Description

    AI and Big Market Data Technology B2B Solution Provider for Global Capital Market

  • Summary of Business

    Development of financial products utilizing AI and big data technology. Alpaca has strength in AI technology such as deep learning, big data analysis, and data storage for financial data. In recent years, the company has developed market forecasting platforms "AlpacaForecast" and "AlpacaRadar" and provides forecasting solutions to multiple financial institutions and corporates. From November 2019, "AlpacaForecast" has been expanded as a FX forecasting application for corporate customers that can be viewed on an Internet browser. The technologies are being actively open sourced, and the time series database MarketStore, which is the backbone of the forecasting system, is open to the public on Github.

  • Major Shareholders

    In-Company Shareholders

  • Major Preferred Shareholders

    SBI Group Company
    MUFG Bank, Ltd.
    Minkabu The Infonoid, Inc.
    SMBC Venture Capital No.4 Investment Limited Partnership
    Innovative Venture Fund Investment Limited Partnership
    CSV Venture Fund Investment Limited Partnership
    D4V No.1 Limited Partnership
    Archetype Venture Fund Investment Limited Partnership
    Eric Di Benedetto