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Casual Trader’s Meetup at Alpaca

October 28th, 2016 12:10


We had a great time gathering to talk trading and stocks last night at Alpaca’s second monthly Casual Trader’s Meetup. It was great to see new faces as well as those returning. Everyone had great insight to offer as we enjoyed delicious sandwiches and fine California beers. The knowledge shared between us served to increase all our capabilities as we learn and grow as traders.

We opened the discussion with a quick presentation of our newly updated AlpacaScan. We shared what we have been working on for the past month but quickly moved onto other topics about trading.

A few of the takeaways from the group included a conversation about volume in the markets. We discussed the possibilities of why volume has been lower in recent months in the indices. One possibility mentioned is the upcoming election creating a level of uncertainty as well as the dissolution of some hedge funds in the past year.

There was much talk about different options strategies which everyone really enjoyed. In fact, folks asked that we focus more on options trading strategies in the future and that led to the idea of having a strategy debate at future meetups. The idea would be to help each of us improve our strategies by hearing constructive criticism from our objective peers.

We also talked about personal trading rules as I shared mine with the group. These rules can be correlated to any combination of strategy and psychology but the main idea is to have rules that keep you disciplined as a trader. We had some good laughs talking about the differences between us and how one trader’s fear is another trader’s strategy. Each trader should have a specific set of rules that is personal since we all have emotional triggers that are unique to us.

The conversation continued as everyone had something valuable to share. We actually struggled to break up so we could just mingle, but I, for one, really gained a lot of insight into what local traders are interested in and I had a lot of fun. Thanks to all who came out.