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Bringing Science into Retail Trading

It takes lots of data, speed, and scalability to offer a reliable scientific solution to the ever growing retail user base in financial trading. We solve this problem by bringing in heavy experience from database, AI, and capital markets. Together, we have built an extremely optimised time-series database called “MarketStore.” With MarketStore, we are achieving similar speed scores to the institutional level offering but in a much more scalable way. Our team is well positioned to bring the scientific solution to retail traders globally.

Database and AI

Hitoshi HaradaCTO & Co-Founder

Hitoshi Harada (CTO) is a database expert from EMC/Pivotal and a major PostgreSQL contributor. He is an accomplished architect in Greenplum Database, having developed essential and important functionalities for the database core engine. He holds 3 patents in Big Data, and brings 10 years experience in Big Data business.

Luke LonerganEngineer/Advisor

Luke Lonergan (Engineer and Advisor) is a serial technology entrepreneur. He was most recently a co-founder/CTO of Greeenplum, one of the most successful database startup. Luke’s background includes almost 20 years of management experience in complex technology companies.

Yuki HayashiChief Engineer & Co-Founder

Yuki Hayashi (Chief Engineer) is a machine-learning specialist with 20 years of professional experience at Nokia, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Yuki’s unique talent was recognized as early as elementary school when he began programming. With patents in machine learning, he leads the development of our cutting edge deep learning technology.

“MarketStore” – Hitoshi’s Story

One Fall afternoon in 2014, while working in Downtown New York, I was contemplating the uses of our multi-million dollar database. It struck me that although our product was being used in one of the biggest financial institutions in the world, that institution was still burdened by the inefficiencies of a general-purpose database.

A year later, we at Alpaca experienced the same problem for our retail trading applications. Our solution was to build our own database. Starting from the ground up, we built the most efficient database for time-series market data analytics by leveraging cutting edge hardware and software technologies. We know that our product is one-of-a-kind and we are confident that we will continue to prove its value. We are dedicated to achieving the best performance and delivering the best value applications to our customers.

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Capital Markets

Yoshi YokokawaCEO & Co-Founder

Yoshi Yokokawa (CEO) successfully led a software development company for two years and sold its image recognition product Labellio, to the Kyocera group. Prior to that, Yoshi established himself as a full time day-trader for 3 years and served as a Vice President at Lehman and Nomura, responsible for structuring various financial products.

Morifumi YotsumotoHead of Japan/CFO

Morifumi Yotsumoto (Head of Japan/CFO) is a veteran of investment banking having more than 20 years of professional experience. He has held senior executive roles at both Lehman and Barclays after trading financial products at Sojitsu. Morifumi has experience in starting brokerage, investment management, and real estate businesses.

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As a team of financial, database and AI experts, we are committed to solve the hardest problems, but it’s also true that we cannot do it alone. We are looking forward to working with members who can help us achieve our goal together.

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